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A series of events designed to finalize the project “Development of community education in Russia” will take place on April 28-30, 2015 in the Tambov region. These events are being organized by the New Eurasia Foundation in collaboration with the Department of education and science of the Tambov region and the Qualifications Improvement Institute for Education Specialists of the Tambov region.
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Annual report

Andrey V. KortunovIn 2012 we decided to sum up the preliminary results of the Foundation work over these years – since it was founded in distant 2004.

First of all, the New Eurasia Foundation has transformed itself from a traditional grant-giving charity organization into an innovative and independent social development agency. There are no more “classic” charity projects left in our current portfolio: they have been replaced with much more comprehensive programs involving regional devel¬opment, international expertise, workforce training, consulting, and social process management. It has been a difficult and often pain¬ful undertaking, but the strategy we chose eight years ago has finally paid off: the New Eurasia Foundation has every right to claim leader¬ship in its priority program areas.

Secondly, we have finally managed to decentralize the Foundation’s management system by reorganizing it into a democratic federation of autonomous program blocks. Here, as well, we often encountered dif¬ficulties, internal communication problems, and lack of understand¬ing on the part of certain colleagues and partners. We were in danger of losing the Foundation’s manageability and becoming a shapeless association of poorly connected projects and programs, thus losing the advantages of cross-program coordination. So far we have been able to minimize these risks and demonstrate our ability to combine the autonomy of the program blocks with a high degree of horizontal interaction. This management model is uncharacteristic of the non-commercial sector in Russia, and we have every reason to be proud of the fact that FNE has demonstrated not only the practicality, but also the efficiency of this model.

And thirdly, over the past year we managed almost entirely to over¬come the negative consequences of the 2008-2009 recession by dra¬matically cutting our budget and shrinking our project portfolio. The Foundation’s principal financial indicators have returned to pre-crisis levels. Our budget has also changed significantly: the share of funds contributed by Russian donors and clients keeps growing at a notice¬able rate. With all due respect to our foreign partners and donors, we are convinced that the Foundation must continue to rely primarily on domestic sources of funding, and expand its circle of Russian part¬ners, clients, and donors.

There have been other changes at FNE. We have managed to recruit many young and talented specialists. On the other hand, we have lost several very strong professionals from among our veterans who have moved on to successful careers in the private sector, government, mass media, international organizations, and educational institu¬tions. We wish our former colleagues every success and hope that we will preserve not only warm personal relations, but also mutually beneficial professional ties.

To conclude, we must mention some new challenges facing the New Eurasia Foundation. As the Russian social service market continues to expanding and grow in economic importance, so too will competition in this market continue to grow. From time to time our competitors are former FNE grantees or partners. Though sometimes difficult, it is such competition that maintains the Foundation’s vitality, keeps it in shape, prevents it from resting complacently on its laurels, and stimulates it to do everything in its power to live up to its reputation of being an innovative, professional, and highly efficient organization.

Andrey V. Kortunov
President of the New Eurasia Foundation

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