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A series of events designed to finalize the project “Development of community education in Russia” will take place on April 28-30, 2015 in the Tambov region. These events are being organized by the New Eurasia Foundation in collaboration with the Department of education and science of the Tambov region and the Qualifications Improvement Institute for Education Specialists of the Tambov region.
Helping orphans is one of the main areas in MegaFon's charity activities. We ran 18 projects in 2015 together with our partners for more than 9,300 orphans in every region of Russia with a total b...
Internship in Israel has opened up new prospects for the development of the authors of the six best start-ups on the basis of educational and consulting programs.
Annual report

The New Eurasia Foundation enhances people's lives through social and economic development programs carried out at the regional and municipal levels. We attract and apply the best local and international expertise and innovative technologies available, and consolidate the efforts of the public and private sectors to ensure reliable and effective solution to pressing social development problems.


  • Providing support to the development of Russian education and science in compliance with the national priorities, as well as to the development of innovation ecosystems at the federal and regional levels and their integration into the global innovation ecosystem.
  • Assessing various aspects of socio-economic development of the Russian territories. 
  • Designing, implementing, and supporting the implementation of education, as well as territorial and social development projects and programs, as well as projects and programs promoting collaboration between education, business, and the social sphere.
  • Designing proposals, recommendations, and strategies that address various problems and issues in the field of education, territorial and social development, and collaboration between education, business, and the social sphere.


  • Implementation of complex regional and municipal socio-economic development programs.
  • Modernization of regional general education, as well as primary and secondary vocational education systems.
  • Modernization of management of institutions of higher learning.
  • Support of international activities implemented by Russian institutions of higher learning.
  • Development of technology transfer systems at the level of institutions of higher learning and regional governments.
  • Development of regional innovation infrastructures.
  • Support of youth initiatives.
  • Support of local community initiatives and engagement of local communities in regional socio-economic development processes.
  • Support of the housing and utility system reforms.
  • Coordination and harmonization of migration processes.
  • Development of conflict prevention systems at the regional and local levels.
  • Support of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia’s regions and municipalities.
  • Support of regional and municipal mass media organizations.


  • Public-private partnership: the Foundation’s projects and programs are implemented on the basis of relevant governmental policies in close collaboration with bodies of state power, businesses, and civil society organizations.
  • Openness: the Foundation is open to cooperation with any partners within its mandate, with a view to achieve agreed-upon results.
  • Efficiency: the Foundation enables its partners to meet their own objectives and actively provides them with resources and services thereby enhancing their capacity and expanding their prospects.
  • Comprehensiveness: the Foundation’s projects and programs are implemented in most of the groundbreaking and modernization areas of human activity.
  • Concentration of resources: the Foundation takes advantage of the resources and experience gained through related projects, programs, partners, and donors — thereby achieving a synergistic effect.
  • Transparency: the Foundation strictly abides by the laws of the Russian Federation (in particular, the legitimacy of the FNE operations is confirmed by the Interdepartmental Audit that the Foundation went through in April 2013), monitors and evaluates its projects and programs, and publishes performance reports to ensure the utmost transparency of its operations.


  • Domestic and international network of experts. The New Eurasia Foundation’s expert potential is unique in that most of its experts work as professionals who offer practical solutions that take into account the specifics of each region. The Foundation’s expert network is geographically diverse and consists of specialists representing 23 Russian regions and more than 35 countries of the world. The Foundation has access to a pool of international experts specializing in 36 scientific disciplines and capable of delivering professional assessment of scientific research projects.
  • An international database of experts specializing in assessment of scientific research projects. The database contains the resumes of more than 7,000 scientists and researchers representing36 scientific disciplines and 42 countries of the world.
  • Portfolio of techniques. The Foundation has access to a unique portfolio of project methods and techniques in the field of social development. All FNE methods and techniques have been tested and proven effective in the current Russian conditions.
  • International cooperation. The New Eurasia Foundation has access to a broadly distributed network of international partners enabling it to leverage the world’s most advanced scientific and technological expertise.
  • Efficient funding schemes. The Foundation is experienced in leveraging governmental and corporate funding required for successful implementation of social development projects and programs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! The New Eurasia Foundation does not accept grant applications, nor does it issue grants on the basis of the “open door” principle. All grant programs are only administered on the basis of competition and as part of the Foundation’s current projects and programs. Requests for proposals are published in the “News” section of the FNE website.

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